About Cipher

Cipher is a free messaging application gives you a new way to send/receive your messages to your friends or followers. Your messages are only revealed by using your mobile's camera and a 'real external image' using the technology of Augmented Reality. This new way of messaging gives you unlimited alternatives to send creative and exciting messages.

To start using Cipher you simply need to follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Cipher.
  2. Register your account using: email, mobile number or Facebook account.
  3. Setup your profile.
  4. Add your friends.
  5. Decide your viewing tool.
  6. Enjoy messaging!

For detailed information about how it works, please visit: How it works

If you have any question or want to give us your feedback, please contact us on: info@cipher-msg.com

Cipher is developed and powered by HDBC, www.hdbc.co